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Domestic Dwellings 2006 Regs

Where “approved” construction details have been adopted, one test should be carried out on each dwelling type on each development. Separate blocks of flats are treated as separate developments. Each of the following constitutes a change of dwelling type:

Where “approved” construction details have NOT been adopted, then each dwelling type is to be tested as above but with an increased sampling regime as follows:

Number of dwelling type Number of tests to be carried
out per dwelling type

3 or less

One test of each dwelling type

4 to 40

Two tests of each dwelling type

40 or more

At least 5% of the dwelling type, unless the first 5 units of the tested type achieve the design air permeability, then the frequency can be subsequently reduced to 2%.

For developments with one or two units, one unit must be tested (or two if they are are dissimilar in arrangement or construction type). The only exceptions are if:

The Building Control Officer will choose which units are to be tested – in accordance with the sampling regime defined in Part L.