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Domestic Dwellings 2010 Regs

The number of dwellings that require a test will no longer depend on the method chosen for showing continuity of insulation. Testing should be carried out on three units of each dwelling type, or 50% of each type, whichever is less.

Number of dwelling type Number of tests to be carried
out per dwelling type

1 or 2

Test one

3 to 4

Test two

5 or more

Test three

Under ADL1A, for dwellings to be considered the same type, they must:-

Each block of flats should be treated as a separate development, irrespective of the number of blocks on the site, so at least one ground, one mid and one top floor flat will need to be tested in every block.

For developments with one or two units, one unit must be tested (or two if they are dissimilar in arrangement or construction type). The only exceptions are if: